City of Sanctus

The holy-city and capital of the country. It is the headquarters of the church and is located directly below the floating city of Eden. It is incredibly large, taking several hours to go from district to district and a whole day to go from one end to the other on foot. It has five districts in it: The residential where most people live, the market which is where the merchant’s guild operates and trade happens, the crafting where the great craftsmen work their professions, the clergy’s district which it where the Grant Cathedral is and where the church people operate, and finally the slums where the poor are kept and seen to. The streets are policed by a church force called the Guardians, who will also act in their army if needed. There is said to be an underground in Sanctus that is very organized and powerful, but public opinions vary. Most people think the ‘underground’ is simply a rouse created by the various gangs.