The tents of the Marquis

About two weeks northeast of Sanctus is the Marquis, the fiend’s territory. It is a tundra-like environment, and holds the domain of The Fiend Warlords. The Marquis is mainly made up of tents, increasing in size leading to a large ruined tower. There are many fiends roaming around the streets and alleyways of the Marquis, and will likely present challenges for honor and glory. There is also a slave trade, run by Oriel that operates through the area. The area is split between the most powerful fiends and currently there is a power vacuum left by the recent demise of the Warlord Cyn. Raze and Calypso control the largest portions of the Marquis, and the other Warlords try to meet them. The Marquis itself stretches for miles and miles, but the buildings are rarely made of anything but temporary tepees, tents, and huts. This gives it the appearance of a shanty town. It is cold and snowy in this area. Over a nearby ridge is said to be the gateway into the Nether, which is why this make-shift city is called the Marquis.